Chips are my go to travel snack. I love trying the different flavors wherever we go. Here are some of the interesting munchies from our trip around Southeast Asia.


Basically cheddar bugles, but not as good.


Sean’s favorite chips of the trip – Crab Claws.


These were super spicy in the BEST way.


Little chicken drumsticks. Didn’t taste like chicken though.


Pringles makes Corn Chips and they are on another level!


Nothing to rave about…but they would probably be good with dip.

My favorite chips were in Cambodia but I devoured them so quickly and didn’t get a chance to snap a picture (fat girl problems). I wish I knew what they were called!!!

Myanmar also had amazing homemade chips that were sold on the side of the road. They made the 5-10 hour bus trips bearable. I still dream about them sometimes…

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