Throwback Thursday: INDIA 2011

Let’s go back, way back, to India 2011.

It was the first big vacation that Sean and I took together and it conditioned us for all the countries we have visited since. Our first time in a third world country – brushing our teeth with bottled water, getting groped on the train, falling victim to an elaborate scam, but at the same time falling in love with the culture, the color, the beauty.

Click HERE to view our India photo gallery.


5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: INDIA 2011

  1. Mel & Suan says:

    So far India has only been a place of busines trips for Mel.
    We’ve read posts about fantastic fortresses and palaces of ancient Indian dynasties. Someday, when we come around to it and when hopefully the infrastructure is better, we’ll be there!


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