Quarantine Film Walk: Pt 2

I decided to blow the dust off an old Russian Fed3 Rangefinder we had up in the closet and run a roll of FomaPan400 B&W film through it. I had no idea if this camera even worked so…effit-let’s shoot.

Our Fed 3 Russian Leica knock-off photographed below.


Though this camera is a Leica knock-off, it should in no manner be seriously compared to one. With that being said, it operates like a (starter) rangefinder with leica body similarities for anyone interested in getting to know how  RFs work without the premium cost associated with one. I was pleasantly surprised with the results. There were light leaks on some of the frames and the shutter seemed in the ballpark of where it should be. I wasn’t expecting much so I consider this a win. I could probably get some nice photos out of this camera if I put a few more rolls through it and got to know it a little better.  (some samples below)