2017 Film Challenge – Top 12 PHOTOS

While Sean and I have been keeping up with the FILM CHALLENGE, I have been neglecting to blog about it (or anything else for that matter). Oops.

All the photos can be found on here, but for a quick rundown, here are my favorite film photos for each month of 2017:



35mm Canon AE-1 • Kodak UltraMax 400 • Monterey, CA

I am still swooning over this double exposure of Sneakers and Coco. NEED to get this one printed and framed someday when we have a bigger living space.



35mm Canon AE-1 • Vista Plus 200 • Hollywood, CA

The OG Tower of Terror. I dig all the greenery and little shrub shadows. Also, what font is that???



35mm Canon AE-1 • Kodak Portra 100 • Woodland Hills, CA

By far the creepiest photo taken last year. The smiling bear in the front is cute though.



35mm Canon AE-1 • Rollei RPX 400 (Push +2 to 1600) • Sherman Oaks, CA

April was a B&W film month and no one looks better in grayscale than little miss coco.



35mm Canon AE-1 • Lomography 400 • Alabama Hills, CA

It is impossible to take a bad photo in the Alabama Hills. Beauty in every direction.


35mm Canon AE-1 • Fuji X-TRA Superia 800 • I-5, CA

Lost track of how many hours we spent driving up and down the I-5 in 2017. The clouds in this one are clutch.



35mm Canon Sure Shot Compact • ILFORD 400 B&W • Ventura, CA

This was our first month using the Canon Sure Shot. I love the grain and the vignetting in this photo. Has a very old look to it. HIPSTAMATIC SHIT.


35mm Canon Sure Shot Compact • Kodak Gold 400 • Hoh Rain Forest, WA

35mm Canon Sure Shot Compact • Kodak Gold 400 • Hoh Rain Forest, WA

Another one with the Canon Sure Shot but this time with color film. That little camera sure adds character. Oh, and nice hat, Sean 😉



35mm Canon AE-1 • CineStill 50 • Whittier, CA

Those clouds…and that silhouette of the city…*gasp*. CineStill film is simply cinemagic!



35mm Nikon FE2 • CineStill 50 • Studio City, CA

The Nikon FE2 was added to our camera collection and produced this vintage Sneaks classic. Oh, and about those cowboy curtains?!?



35mm Olympus XA2 • AGFA Vista 400 • Las Vegas, Nevada

Another new camera – the Olympus XA2. Brought the cute compact camera with us to Las Vegas and got some pretty neat nightlife shots.


DecInstax 3

Fuji Instax Mini • Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant • Los Angeles, CA

Sean bought me the Fuji Instax Mini 90 for my birthday and I take it with me everywhere I go. This is one of my favorite double exposures that I have gotten with it so far.


We are now completely obsessed with our film cameras and don’t plan on giving them up anytime soon. Sean even purchased a B&W developing kit so expect a lot of monochrome this year. January 2018 photos are up now and February photos are coming soon.



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