PHOTOS: Camden, New Jersey

In July 2017, I started working on a documentary series (Title TBD) that follows detectives in various cities throughout the United States. I’ve been very fortunate to be allowed in on these beautiful stories of suffering, persistence, strength, and love that exist within our human condition. Here are the photos I’ve snagged in my downtime between shooting and travel.

Camden, NJ had the highest homicide rate per capita in 2012 and remains in the top ten in the US. These neighborhoods are no joke.

Check out the full album here.

5 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Camden, New Jersey

  1. pookietrombone says:

    Yep, I’m sure that is one of the causes. It’s so sad how much influence the drug culture has on these neighborhoods. But like any city that’s seen better days, there is a lot of hope, and some great people helping to contribute to bring the light back in. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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