Our one day layover in Japan feels like a blur in hindsight. After “slow travelling” for three months, having to rush through a city in 14 hours (on only a couple hours of sleep) was exhausting. However, with it being the final destination on our journey back to California, we mustered up every last bit of energy and fucking crushed it!

The photos from our quick stop in Tokyo are now up on our PHOTOS page.

Here are just a few:

More to come on Tokyo soon…

23 thoughts on “TOKYO PHOTOS

  1. damarisb513 says:

    These are pretty awesome pictures! How was it leaving the airport for your layover? Did you book your tickets on purpose to get that extra day in? I’m thinking about doing that for one of my next trips

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    • dejahgatz says:

      Leaving the airport really wasn’t bad at all. We went to the tourist desk at the airport and they helped to point us in the right direction. Once you figure out the public transportation you really can go anywhere. We knew we wanted a layover somewhere and Tokyo turned out to be the perfect place!


  2. hellloseoulwithabby says:

    Great pictures! I like your blog and I’ll gonna check it out from time to time. Glad to see pictures from Tokyo because I wanna see this place too. Thank you for sharing. ^โ™ก^

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