May Photos for our FILM CHALLENGE are now posted. This month we went camping in the Alabama Hills and brought along our Canon AE-1 and Mamiya RB67 Pro S, shooting with both 35mm and 120mm film. I’ll be posting a blog about our trip soon! In the meantime, here are our favorite film photos:

Fremont Peak State Park

The weather has been wretched the past couple of weeks making it difficult to go outside and explore. When Sean and I spotted a sunny day in the forecast, we made sure to take advantage. It also happened to be Valentine’s Day – and what better way to spend it than doing something we love – CAMPING!

A lot of the sites in our surrounding area were closed due to mudslides caused by the never-ending rain. We found Fremont Peak State Park on Hipcamp and decided to check it out.

Here’s a quick video of our morning hike to the peak:

As soon as we return from camping I can’t wait to go again. Counting the raindrops until then…