Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is a red light district in Bangkok where the pervy dreams of old white men come true.

Sean and I found the an open, “safe looking” bar with outdoor seating so we could have a few drinks and watch as men wandered down the alley, being summoned by groups of younger women (or men, I can’t tell) wearing tight dresses and sometimes only a long collared shirt.

We were curious about what waited beyond the closed doors of the sketchy clubs but not brave enough to find out. Watching the happy old men receive back massages at the outdoor tables was enough entertainment for us.

Halfway into our second beer it began to pour. The random thunderstorms in Thailand are magnificent, invigorating, and unlike any weather spectacle I’ve seen in California. Within minutes the streets were cleared of all food carts and the tourists strolling the streets were ducked under the closest awnings. We sat under the covered deck in awe of the lightning, thunder, and heavy downpour. By the time the storm ended (about 45 minutes later), we had a good buzz going and were ready to head home for the night.

Oh you fancy, huh?

Sean was craving a wellmade Manhattan so we dipped into the Westin Hotel for some air conditioning and over-priced drinks.

My Redbull/vodka was not worth the 280Baht but at least Sean was able to get a dope shot:

Lesson learned – avoid the ritzy joints.

Silom Soi 10 Food Market

Silom Soi 10 is the closest food market to our hotel and has quickly become our go to for eating lunch for under $5. We stumbled upon the market on one of our walks to the BTS Skytrain. It is open in the morning and afternoon to serve business men and women in the surrounding area.

One plate and we were hooked:

For 50Baht (about $1.50 USD) we were served three items on a bed of rice. Add a 10Baht cold coke and you’ve got yourself a meal!

Other notable dishes we have tasted include a cabbage soup, some sort of dried sweet and spicy pork, and the phat phrik khing.

Markets like this exist all over the city. I’m stoked we found this one!!!